Monday, May 11, 2009

Matron of Honor

I have a Matron of Honor, now. I am pleased to say that my cousin and best friend, Bradette Ostrander, will stand next to me in my wedding!

Todd had a very cute, miniature billboard made for her. It said:
Matron of honor (n) \ˈmā-trən əv ˈä-nər\: a married woman acting
as the principal attendant of the bride at a wedding
So, what do you think about being mine?!

I told her I had a 'thank you' gift for her for the engagement gift she gave us. When she opened it, she found the billboard. It was fun!

Yay for fun surprises!!


  1. The side pic looks just like it could be Jenny and Bradette - I cannot believe it - I had to look three times. Cute pic of you and Bradette. Like the new ones too - makes for good memories!