Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Over the course of the last month, Todd and I have asked our wedding party to be, well, our wedding party.

We are pleased to announce that Kaleb will be standing next to Todd as his best man, and Taylor and Kamie will be my bridesmaids. Yay!
Both of my sisters, Jenny and Amber, will also be bridesmaids. (I know the picture is old, but we tend to take more pics of the kids when we're all together.)
Last, but certainly not least, Todd has asked his three best friends to be his groomsmen. The part that was really awesome was that he did it on a sailboat. We took a sailing trip with our friends around Lake Ray Hubbard. During a toast, he popped the big them, not me, silly. Michael Ginn (Todd's best friend since childhood), Larry Foresee, and Kyle Rhodes will be supporting our marriage from the groom's side. (This is proof that we are forgiving with 2 OU fans - Larry & Kyle - in the wedding on Todd's side alone.)
It wouldn't be a date night without the girls!
The sunset was gorgeous!